Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quote of the Day

Sign outside a local nursery:
"We were so happy it is finally Spring; we wet our plants."

Monday, March 26, 2012

Very Good, Coated, Used PZ40 Sheet Pile

Description  Length  Quantity  lb./ft Total Wt. TotalWall
PZ 40 48 100 131.2 629760 458.3

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Flat Sheet Pile

They are NEW- never used.
Description Length Quantity lb/ft Total Wt.
PS27.5 Flat Sheets 55 771 45.1 1,912,465.50
PS27.5 Flat Sheets 50 1200 45.1 2,706,000.00
TOTALS 4,618,465.50

Second Avenue Subway

Just sharing with you all New Yorker Magazine's explanation of why the Second Avenue Subway project has taken so long.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vibratory Hammers Available for Rent

We have two PTC hammers:
24 HFV, 2083, High Frequency, Variable moment
52HF, 4513 in. lb., 1680 vpm, variable moment hammer.
AVAILABLE for immediate rental and/or sale.
Spec. sheets attached.
Joe Savarese
F.S. Supply Corporation, Inc.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

USED AZ13 Sheet Pile

These used AZ13's are now available.
Description   Length  Quantity    Wt/ft Total Wt Total Wall
AZ13 30 13 96.76 37736.4 57
AZ13 28 4 96.76 10837.12 18
17 48573.52 75

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mel the Office Assistant Dog-What he was bred for.

 Mel, our Office Assistant Dog,  was bred and started training to be a CPL (Canine Partners for Life ) Service dog.
Unfortunately, he couldn't cut it and failed out.  We adopted him  to help out at the office.  (lack of concentration is more the rule than the exception around here).  It has been a work in progress. (per the pictures below).
CPL was founded in 1989 by Darlene Sullivan, a former special education instructor and animal trainer. Today, the facilities include an office building for a staff of 15 employees, state of the art kennel and training center. CPL has placed over 400 service dogs with individuals who have physical disabilities. The total cost to raise, train, place, and provide lifetime support for each CPL dog is estimated to be more than $26,000 per dog. No one is denied a canine partner because of their inability to pay these costs. CPL is funded entirely by donations by individuals, private foundations, corporate support - no government funding.
If you can help, click on the CPL website:
Mel says thanks.

Mel the Office Assistant Dog-Now

This is how Mel is helping out now.

Monday, March 5, 2012

1998 CASAGRANDE C8 Mini Pile Rig

                    (photo is a file photo-not a photo of the actual rig)


Special mast  with 11500mm usable length, only for vertical drilling, with hydraulic

    lateral movement of the rotary, rotary 1250P130 with 1450Nm torque, with flushing head


Crowd winch 8to pull back / extraction, 4 to pull down, aux. winch 2 to


Built in steering for HDI grouting ( jet automatic )


Breaking device MA + MS up to 405 mm, clamping force 250 kN


Hydraulic hammer EURODRILL HD5012, 2000, about 600 hour

    M1 = 14100 Nm  2300 / Min.

    M2 =   7050 Nm  single percussion energy 550 Nm


DTH hammer 6" with drill bit for casing 300 mm with drill rod ( Halco hammer )


Piling hammer for steel beam Furukawa HB20G


Drilling and casing for rotary percussion 178 mm 29 Meter with 2 x flushing head


     and more drill tools and casing 300 mm


Complete rebuilt 1000 h ago, machine is in good running condition



Thursday, March 1, 2012

PS 27.5

We are looking for PS27.5 Flat sheet piling, 70 pieces 30 feet long.
Let us know if you have anything.
Joe Savarese
F.S. Supply Corporation, Inc.

Pedestrian Bridge

This bridge was completely rebuilt less than 1-1/2 years ago for a temporary application.
Designed for 5,000 lb. capacity.
38 feet span, 5 ft., 9 inchis inside the handrails.

Trac Vac

11 HP, Electric Start.

2008 Kubota RTV 1100

2008 Kubota RTV 1100 100 hours like new!

Drill Casing

34 inch x .5 wall
4 pcs. at 16'
5 pcs at 12'

High Density Polypropolene Pipe - HDPE and other plastic pipe

Twenty foot long lengths

Looking for-Converor System to Load Barges

Need a good used conveyor system to load gravel and sand into a barge.
It will be for a private loading dock in South America,
the total length required is350 ft, for a 200 ton per hour loading rate
A 30" system will work, if a little wider, all the better.
The last section should be able to swivel and change height.
If a scale is provided within the system all the better.
Ready to purchase immediately